Did You Change Your Hair?

I’m in the process of upgrad­ing to Word­Press 1.5. Yes, I’m about a week late, but I’m no less excit­ed.

Things look dif­fer­ent about the same around here, and it’s not all for the best at the moment. You’ll see that the indi­vid­u­al­i­ty has been sucked right out of the look at super_structure. You may also find that a num­ber of links are dead around the site (hope­ful­ly not the posts… my pre­cious posts). Ah, who am I kid­ding, there were always dead links around here.

Any­way, I final­ly took the leap of the deep end of the blog­ging pool and decid­ed to upgrade to Word­Press 1.5. It’s got a cou­ple of real­ly cool fea­tures that I’m very excit­ed about using:

  1. Pages: Not every­thing in the world is a blog post. My old site had tons of cool pages that I’ve been search­ing for a way to inte­grate on here, and I’ve now got an answer. Best of all, it does­n’t involve me writ­ing so much damn markup!
  2. Themes: This goes along with the whole pages thing. Now, I can cre­ate a nice look and feel that is con­sis­tent among all the pages and posts with in the site. It even allows me to have 404 pages that look like the rest of the site. I best be get­ting right on that one, since you’ll be see­ing a lot of them for a while!

Well, I’ve got a lot of work to do, and it’s going to take a while. Check back often and please post com­ments here if you find some bro­ken links, errors, etc.

Update: Well, if you’ve tried to leave a com­ment, then you know that’s pret­ty tough to do. There is some­thing or oth­er wrong with the com­ment field such that you can’t fill in your name or e‑mail and of course you can’t com­ment with­out those! Well, I’ll work on get­ting that cor­rect­ed. You can always just e‑mail me at jason(at)jasoncoleman(dot)net