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I took my truck in yes­ter­day to have some ser­vice done (minor recall crap). The deal­er­ship gave me a rental for the day, which turned out to be a Maz­da 3. Okay, it’s not Fer­rari or any­thing, but much nicer than the bro­ken down Ford Focus they gave me last time. Any­way, it’s a real­ly nice lit­tle car. Very sporty. It even has manu-mat­ic shift­ing (or what­ev­er Maz­da calls it) like my truck. Unlike my truck, it has red & black inte­ri­or with car­bon fiber trim. The dash is all sub­ma­rine-sytle red lights. Even thought it’s a small car, I thought it was very com­fort­able. It did feel like large bumps might make it take air pret­ty easy, though. Unset­tling for a guy who usu­al­ly dri­ves small sport util­i­ty vehichle.

Speak­ing of which, they had to replace the trim-work on the A‑pillars of my vehi­cle. Come to find out they did­n’t pro­vide a whole lot of padding in an acci­dent. Of course, isn’t that what seat­belts are for? Any­way, the prob­lem is, on a Free­lander, the A pil­lars are already pret­ty mas­sive and this did­n’t real­ly help. They now have a sort of aero­foil shape to them, which is larg­er and far more dan­ger­ous look­ing than the ori­gion­al trim. I did­n’t think to ask the deal­er if I could keep the old plas­tic… Oh well.

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