Live Blogging the BSG Final Season Premiere

The begin­ning of the end of Bat­tlestar Galac­ti­ca. Angela and I are watching:

  • Well, Earth sure a drag.
  • Hey! Hera uses the same plas­tic spoons as Ainsley.
  • That beach where Tyrol is hav­ing some flash­back to old Earth… is that actu­al­ly the beach at Stan­ley Park in Van­cou­ver?
  • Well, Star­buck. I guess you’re the twelfth and final cylon. At least that sure seems to be only way this makes sense.
  • I’m so glad they’re using the creepy lost-five Cylon tune again.
  • So is there some Cylon res­ur­rec­tion ship/facility near Earth that Star­buck acci­den­tal­ly discovered?
  • Dee is going to go psy­co, isn’t she? I mean she’s about to go third sea­son Star­buck crazy, right? Trag­i­cal­ly, yes.
  • Looks like pret­ty much every­one is going nuts. As if it were the end of the world or some… oh. Right.
  • I’m glad the show did­n’t over use the pop­u­la­tion count­down ele­ment. They real­ly used it spar­ing­ly, and to max­i­mum effect.
  • Wait, Ellen, whoa!
  • Angela: “So it’s not Kara! What is she?”
  • Where’s Ellen? If there was a res­ur­rec­tion ship near New Capri­ca, would it have brought Ellen back? If not, would­n’t she be gone forever?
  • So, is “the har­bin­ger of death” some­thing dif­fer­ent all togehter?
  • We may do this again next week. If so, I’ll prob­a­bly just update this post.

    Update: There is a ter­rif­ic inter­view with Ronald D. Moore, BSG’s exec­u­tive pro­duc­er, that I found via Adam Sav­age. Here’s a quote from Moore dur­ing that interview:

    My atti­tude was pret­ty much, “Look, we’re in the last chap­ter here. Any­one who’s come this far and doesn’t want to watch the rest — they’re a minor­i­ty at best.” Peo­ple are going to want to see how this turns out. And yeah, this is a very dark chap­ter. This may not even be the dark­est chapter. 

By Jason Coleman

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