Wednesday Night D&D Group

Some­time in the Fall 0f 2008, I joined a group of folks I met through a Meet­up at Mike’s place in Spring Hill to play 4th Edi­tion D&D. This is a back-post of some pho­tos I took from a cou­ple of games in Feb­ru­ary 2009. The orig­i­nal pho­tos (and com­ments) are on Flickr.

CableCard on a Mac

A short sto­ry on Mac­world regard­ing the lack of Cable­Card sup­port on Apple com­put­ers or periph­er­als. This is a sto­ry where the com­ments seem to add as much as the sto­ry does. I agree total­ly with the TiVo users com­ment­ing about their love of the Cable­Card. As a mat­ter of fact, TiVo HD users seem… Con­tin­ue read­ing Cable­Card on a Mac