"Herman’s Head" Roll Call

One of our favorite games to play while watching movies or television is to try and name the actors in supporting roles, or at least where we might have seen them before.

Inevitably, every person that I say "I’ve seen them in something before," Angela will reply "they were on Herman’s Head. Herman’s Head was an early show on Fox (way back in 1991) in which Herman, a young professional, had four people in his brain that represented various base human emotions who would argue about all his decisions. Herman meets a girl and Lust and Sensitivity go at each other’s throats. When Herman has to be creative for a work project, Anxiety and Intellect duke it out. Well, other than Hank Azaria, most of the actors on the show have let a life of guest appearances on ER and Law & Order as well as minor supporting roles in films. That, and fullfilling Angela’s theory of Six Degree’s of Herman.

One thought on “"Herman’s Head" Roll Call”

  1. I loved that show! I’m gonna try to find it again. Also been meaning to pick up the DVD set of The Adventures of Brisco County Jr., starring Bruce Campbell in his earlier days.

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