We’re Having A Baby

Well, it’s prob­a­bly the worst kept secret of our lives, but just so the whole world knows:

We're Pregnant!

…and we’re both real­ly excit­ed. We had our first doc­tor’s vis­it this after­noon and every­thing looks great! So, around late August the whole world will get to know baby Cole­man-Dyer (or Dyer-Cole­man, we’re still work­ing that out).

We’ve been dying to tell every­one, and lord knows Ange­la’s spilled the beans enough, but just want­ed to wait out the until going to see the doc­tor. We’re both real­ly neu­rot­ic like that, as you all know. How­ev­er, I’ve been post­ing stuff here and else­where online over the past few weeks for my own san­i­ty. Just look back through my Flickr account or here for any­thing tagged ‘baby.’ No, you did­n’t miss it before. It was just all marked as pri­vate until tonight.

It’s so weird, I’ve nev­er been actu­al­ly ner­vous about writ­ing a blog post before but I am now. I’m not even real­ly sure why, but I am. We were real­ly ner­vous when we told fam­i­ly, too. It’s just such big news (good news, though) and we real­ly have no idea how to tell peo­ple. Every­one has been real­ly excit­ed for us and we’re just as excit­ed to share the news.

By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.


  1. Con­grats! Although I still dis­like the phrase “We’re preg­nant.” Two new Dyers com­ing this year. Thats rather exciting. :)

  2. For what it’s worth, the “we’re” part is from Angela. She claims this is all my fault and some­how I have to take respon­si­bil­i­ty for it… :)

  3. Fan­tas­tic!!! how’d that happen?
    nev­er­mind. I’ll read a book.

  4. Yay, that’ll be a cute baby. Chris and I are very hap­py for you two.

    Scott (who­ev­er you are, nice to meet you), I’ll post some links if need­ed to show you how these things tend to happen.

  5. Zane: Thanks. I sup­pose once it’s born I’ll stop claim­ing that all new­borns look like tor­tured, hair­less mon­keys. I’m sure I’ll think it’s the cutest thing in the world, even if every­one else won­ders qui­et­ly how human genes could do such a thing…

    Sal­ly: We’ll def­i­nite­ly call you back. We were out of town the past few days. Look­ing for­ward to play dates with Mason in the not-to-dis­tant future.

  6. Where are you from? 

    My grand­fa­ther was Cole­man Atwell Dyer. I was told by an aunt that the Cole­mans and the Dyers came over togeth­er but have found no proof of this. But I do find a num­ber of Dyer-Cole­man associations. 

    My Dyer fam­i­ly has been in VA from before 1720.

    I would appre­ci­ate know­ing any of your fam­i­ly history.

    Thanks! And much hap­pi­ness with your baby!

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