Extra Daylight Causes Warming

I feel that it is my gen­er­al desire to believe in the best in peo­ple that makes me wish this was a satir­i­cal let­ter to the edi­tor, how­ev­er I sus­pect that Ms. Meski­men is stone-cold seri­ous. Last week, she wrote that “Day­light Sav­ings Time start­ed almost a month ear­ly this year. You would think that mem­bers of Con­gress would have con­sid­ered the warm­ing effect that an extra hour of day­light would have on our cli­mate. Or did they?” Per­haps Con­gress has assumed more author­i­ty than the Con­sti­tu­tion pro­vides for them, if they are chang­ing the amount of day­light on the U.S. The let­ter’s author con­tin­ues “Per­haps this is anoth­er ploy by a lib­er­al Con­gress to make us believe that glob­al warm­ing is a real threat.” Actu­al­ly, vary­ing DST appeared to have a neg­li­gi­ble effect on the coun­try’s pow­er usage. No word on the num­ber of hours of day­light, as appar­ent­ly we were all too hot to notice. (via Boing­Bo­ing)

Peering Through A Haze

Sor­ry things have been kind of qui­et here for a few days. I am cur­rent­ly under a thick fog of anti­his­t­a­mines and decon­ges­tants as a result of Rich­mond’s annu­al Spring pollen onslaught (I nev­er had aller­gy prob­lems before mov­ing here, but this annu­al yel­low blan­ket of snow is just unbe­liev­able). I’ll get my head out of the fog in a cou­ple of days or so. In the mean­time, please check out my del.icio.us feeds (both links and news); or sim­ply watch the new Har­ry Pot­ter & TOTP trail­er over and over and over…