The Baby Is A…

It’s A Girl! And a healthy, active lit­tle girl at that.

T-Minus 20 Weeks

So, do you think our lit­tle girl looks more like me or Angela? I’m pret­ty sure she’s not done grow­ing just yet, but we think she has Ange­la’s nose and my fore­head! Either, way, I already think she’s gor­geous. I hold no hope of ever say­ing “no” to that face, do I?

This morn­ing was our half-way OB vis­it and ultra­sound. The tech­ni­cian was “99% sure” that what we were look­ing at was a girl. She was even able to iden­ti­fy girl parts1, if you fol­low. Dur­ing the whole thing we could see the baby get­ting, uh, agi­tat­ed about being poked and pressed on. She was kick­ing and swing­ing like mad like she was at a punk rock concert!

To top it all off, the doc­tor said the mea­sure­ments and images indi­cate we have a very healthy lit­tle baby. All of the mea­sure­ments are those that fall out­side of ones which are cor­re­lat­ed with birth defects or oth­er health prob­lems. We could­n’t be hap­pi­er right now, to tell the truth.

We have some poten­tial names in store, but no clear win­ners yet. If we make up our minds I’ll let every­one know, but as for right now, it’s just “baby girl.” Now, as I said before, we’ll have plen­ty of pink. In order to spare our san­i­ty in the future, please con­sid­er oth­er col­ors of the spec­trum… Yes, mom, you can still buy some pink; just not only pink. Is that a fair agree­ment for the granddaughter? :)

Col­ors aside, thanks every­one for the well-wish­es, guess­es, fun old-wives-tale guess, etc.

You’re mon­ey may now change hands for the bets, as well.

  1. So either it indeed is a girl or the some­day most humil­i­at­ed boy in the world. Of course, there is some error in the abil­i­ty of to see with an ultra­sound but the fact she was able to iden­ti­fy inter­nal organs, both repro­duc­tive and oth­er­wise, tells me she knows what she’s doing with that wand. []