Five Fun Things Friday — June 1st Edition

Well, it’s been two weeks since I last did this, so I should have plen­ty of fun things, right? I’ve been soon busy with work and house stuff, I’m not sure…

  1. Watch­ing “Wait­ing for Godot.” After being pub­licly shamed, I fig­ured I’d bet­ter see what all the fuss is about. I tried to watch a taped ver­sion of the play on Google Video, but it was real­ly poor qual­i­ty (in all the ways it can be). How­ev­er, the ”
    Beck­ett on Film
    ” ver­sion I rent­ed from Net­flix was very enjoy­able. I found myself actu­al­ly laugh­ing allowed at some of the very dry humor (at least it was dry in this interpretation).
  2. Big bud­get, sum­mer block­buster movies. Pirates 3 did­n’t make any sense plot-wise, but was fun. It seems like every­body’s favorite part was the sur­re­al­ist Davy-Jones’ Lock­er scene. A lot of that comes from John­ny Dep­p’s charm in the films but direc­tor Gore Verbin­s­ki deserves a lot of cred­it for putting a very odd scene in a block­buster film. Here’s hop­ing Trans­form­ers is equal­ly entertaining.
  3. Angela and I fin­ished up watch­ing “Freaks And Geeks,” the short-lived 1999 tele­vi­sion show by Paul Feig and Judd Apa­tow. The show’s 18 episodes are con­sis­tent­ly good both in writ­ing and act­ing. We just got the first disc of Apa­tow’s fol­low-up show “Unde­clared” and are look­ing for­ward to see­ing Knocked Up soon.
  4. Speak­ing of tele­vi­sion, I’ve been watch­ing some episodes of ABC’s “Notes From the Under­bel­ly” at their web­site. Appar­ent­ly loose­ly based on a nov­el of the same name, the pilot episode was ter­rif­ic and sub­se­quent episodes have been fair­ly good, although not great. The humor hits home, though, as it does it’s best when mak­ing fun of neu­rot­ic first-time par­ents-to-be like Angela and I. Sur­pris­ing­ly (main­ly just because I like it), the show will be back next season.
  5. And final­ly, some­thing not relat­ed to film or tele­vi­sion, we’ve been real­ly enjoy­ing get­ting baby stuff togeth­er. We fin­ished up most of the nurs­ery for our lit­tle girl and on top of that, peo­ple have been send­ing us all sorts of cool baby stuff. We real­ly appre­ci­ate all the kind­ness and help (keep it com­ing, good peo­ple!). It’d be sil­ly to say I was enjoy­ing that a lot. We’re hav­ing our first baby show­er tomor­row and it should be a hoot.

By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.

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