Design With Social Purpose

Kat­ri­na Cot­tage by Shawn Lea of Every­thing and Noth­ing (szlea at Flickr). Image CC2.0 Shawn Lea, Jan­u­ary 2006 Flip­ping through this week’s ENR, I saw a blurb about the “Kat­ri­na Cot­tage.” This 300ft² struc­ture, designed by archi­tect Mar­i­anne Cusato (arti­cle at Dex­ign­er) has one bed­room, liv­ing area, kitchen and bath­room. The design is such that the… Con­tin­ue read­ing Design With Social Purpose

GI Joe Live Action Film

I was think­ing about how cool a live action film of GI Joe could be in this ter­ror­ism obsessed age we live in, and low and behold, one may just be in the works after all with a great back sto­ry. Why not? A live action Trans­form­ers film is being produced.