GI Joe Live Action Film

I was think­ing about how cool a live action film of GI Joe could be in this ter­ror­ism obsessed age we live in, and low and behold, one may just be in the works after all with a great back sto­ry. Why not? A live action Trans­form­ers film is being pro­duced.

By Jason Coleman

Structural engineer and technical content manager Bentley Systems by day. Geeky father and husband all the rest of time.


  1. Hey Jason, I was surf­ing the net, look­ing to sat­is­fy my inner geek­dom and I came across your blog. My inner geek­dom is GIJOE. I have been dream­ing of a live action movie since god talked to moses. Any­way, I read the script attatched to your link. It is hor­ri­ble. Very depress­ing. I think it may take them a while to release it if that script was the best they could do.

    I total­ly agree that in our age of ter­ror and fear, a GI JOE flick would be… well per­fect. Espe­cial­ly con­sid­er­ing the fact that Cobra Com­man­der was not a snake dude but a man, an amer­i­can man, dis­en­fran­chised, aver­age mid­dle-class amer­i­can who became para­noid, obsessed with pow­er and world dom­i­na­tion through ter­ror­ism. Oh my god, I am such a geek but if the right writer and direc­tor got behind it…holy poop would it be hot. Ok. Let me pull myself away from this geek­i­ness and get back to writ­ing my screenplay…wait can­cel that…I am actu­al­ly writ­ing my GIJOE script write now. 

    Great pic­tures on your blog… I need to get into this blog­ging thing.

    Be well


  2. Hey. So accord­ing to the Mid­town Comics newslet­ter I got today, a GI Joe movie is in the works. Marky Mark him­self is being con­sid­ered for the role of Duke, and the sto­ry is going to be about the rise of Cobra. Of course this is all just ear­ly rumors. Thought I’d share.

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