Newsvine Brought To This Site

Well, I’ve hacked togeth­er a method for inte­grat­ing my Newsvine seeds onto this blog. I’m going to test it out for a week or two. I may find the for­mat­ting annoy­ing and you all may find it annoy­ing to have your RSS read­er clogged up with a bunch of crap you did­n’t want. Any­way, if it ends up being a lot more than you care for and don’t feel like hav­ing to click “Mark All As Read” so often, please let me know.

Also, if you think this is just the coolest thing in the world (or just total­ly rip­ping off Jason Kot­tke), then you can let me know that too.

2 thoughts on “Newsvine Brought To This Site”

  1. I’ve since stopped doing this as it was con­fus­ing to peo­ple read­ing the RSS feed and it was kind of over­whelm­ing my site. My Newsvine col­umn can still be found in the sidebar.

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