Microsoft: No Virtual PC for Intel-based Macs

Microsoft has decid­ed not to move for­ward with a ver­sion of Vir­tu­al PC for the Intel-based Mac­in­tosh, and will also be dis­con­tin­u­ing sup­port of Visu­al Basic script­ing in the next ver­sion of Office for Mac, the com­pa­ny said.

The Myth of the Living-Room PC

t’s not just Apple that’s failed to invade the liv­ing room. Com­put­er mak­ers have been try­ing to find space next to the couch for years, but so far all of these attacks have been repulsed.

Mars’s Peroxide Snow Would Kill Any Surface Life

Dust storms on Mars appear to be cre­at­ing a snow of bleach­like chem­i­cals that make their way into the plan­et’s soil—rendering life as we know it impos­si­ble on the red plan­et’s sur­face, sci­en­tists report.

Giant Robot Imprisons Parked Cars in New Jersey

The robot that parks cars at the Gar­den Street Garage in Hobo­ken, New Jer­sey, trapped hun­dreds of its wards last week for sev­er­al days. But it was­n’t the tech­nol­o­gy car own­ers had to curse, it was the terms of a soft­ware license.

Winter Solstice Sees Mars Rovers in Good Shape

NASA’s solar-pow­ered rovers reached the dark­est part of the Mar­t­ian year on Tues­day, with the arrival of the win­ter sol­stice in the plan­et’s south­ern hemi­sphere. The rovers are suf­fer­ing from age­ing hard­ware, but con­tin­ue to reveal new things about Mars.